International Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Research

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Research

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Research

Journal policy

The International Journal of MultidisciplinaryrnAcademic Research (IJMAR) journal committed to support authors inrnmaking their research publicly and freely available. The editors encourage allrnauthors to post their peer-reviewed, accepted, unedited article on theirrnpersonal or institutional websites any time after publication.

IJMAR is an open access, monthly, peer reviewedrninternational journal with a primary objective to provide research andrnapplications related to Multi-subjects field. This journal seeks to promoternoriginal research and cultivate fruitful dialogues between previous andrninnovative thoughts. (IJMAR) aims to publish original research work thatrncontributes significantly to enhance the scientific knowledge in variousrnsubjects.



The million development goal laid its emphasis on “peoplerncentered approach” to recognize human and social capital for sustainablerndevelopment. These include economic strategies and many other emerging trends.

  1. Goalrn is to create sustainable improvement in the quality of life among thern common people.
  2. Stakern holder oriented programs, to facilitate increase in per capita income ofrn individual facilities
  3. Torn empower people in the areas of health, economy, polity and education.

Scope: The journal promotes original academic research in allrnacademic fields


  1. Torn publish original empirical research and theoretical studies on adultrn education, lifelong learning, extension, and economic relations studies.
  2. Torn generate interest in civil society movements, studies on democracy,rn problems of marginalized sections, cross border terrorism, violation ofrn human rights, ecology, environment and issues in governance at thern regional and national level.
  3. The object is simple and that is to provide arnforum for scholarly dialogue on a broad range of topics significant to ourrntimes and cultures